The VRYNT Token is a functional utility token that is used as the medium of exchange between participants on the VRYNT platform in a decentralized manner. The VRYNT Token has multiple uses:

The primary function is to provide a facility to incentivize the audience to increase the quality of the platform, and expanding the community. There are several programs that will be rolled out allowing users to stake their tokens, which will give them special access to platform improvement programs. Participation in those programs will earn users rewards in VRYNT tokens.

VRYNT tokens are also used to provide to users in exchange for their VRYNT Proceeds. There is a fixed supply of 10,000,000,000 (ten billion) tokens on the AVAX Blockchain.  The token has no inflationary or deflationary functions built into the token.

The VRYNT token address is: 0xe457c5fe85d0563b2ca389354da307516a8edd87

How to get the VRYNT Token

Currently the VRYNT token is not listed on any exchange. The only way to receive them is by redeeming your VRYNT proceeds in the following manner:

  1. User sells a VRYNT Collectible, Component or Pack on the platform
  2. The seller receives VRYNT Proceeds for the sale.
  3. The VRYNT proceeds can then be swapped for VRYNT Tokens
  4. When the user claims the swapped VRYNT Tokens, it's sent to the wallet (Torus, MetaMask, etc.) that is linked with the account.  
  5. The user can use the VRYNT tokens to participate in the Platform improvement programs.  

Token Uses:

VRYNT Credit Purchase

VRYNT Tokens can be used to purchase VRYNT Credits (VC) on the platform. 

Platform Improvement Programs

As the platform progresses, Token holders can use VRYNT tokens to stake on the platform to participate in quality assurance programs. Staking allows rewards in VRYNT tokens and various other rewards.  VRYNT staking explicitly does not provide any guaranteed returns, yield or any other distribution of that sort. The programs are designed explicitly designed to provide reward for tasks that improve the VRYNT platform.