How to Purchase Component Packs

Purchasing Packs

When a new collection is released, you can purchase Component Packs to create your own unique Collectible. These component packs are limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Below we will walk you through the steps to purchase one for your collection. 

1.  Navigate to the "Collections" page by clicking on "Explore" at the top of the page. The Collections Page displays the available collections and how many packs are left for purchase. 

2. Click on the banner image of a Collection you want to purchase.  

3. This will bring up the main page of the collection.  Click on "Buy Pack".

4. This will launch a new window to reserve your component pack at the current VC price.  Click "Next" to proceed to the next page. You will have one hour to complete your purchase.

5. The optimal credit bundles will be selected to ensure you have enough VC to purchase your component pack.

6. Select your preferred method to pay and then complete your transaction. 

7.  Once you complete your purchase, you can move your component pack to your Inventory or open it up to view your components.

8. Any remaining VC after purchasing your Component Pack can be found by viewing your profile.