VRYNT is a platform that allows social influencers to share their creative digital vision with their fans. Fans can then use the individual components/items to MINT their version of the Digital Collectible. Every user on VRYNT can create their Collectible easily.

What is a Collection?

A collection comprises a set number of individual Collectibles by an artist. Collections can vary in size, and one influencer, celebrity or brand can have multiple collections. VRYNT's first collection is "Origins." The collection opens the door to our exclusive club membership, bringing you special discounts and whitelisting (early access) for future collections. Limited supply and functional utility can drive demand for a collection. Scarcity and individual traits can also play a role in seeking m attention on a Collectible in the marketplace.

What is Minting an Collectible?

Minting consists of using the minimum number of components and arranging them in the Builder in any way you see fit. Minting cannot be reversed, and all components used to create your design will no longer be available in your dashboard.

Where are my Collectibles stored?

Your Collectibles are stored in your digital wallet, under your control.

How do I get started?

You can purchase an Collectible directly on the marketplace or build your own. To make your own, you will need to buy a component pack. Just go to the Collection you are interested and "Buy Pack" if there are any left. If not, you can purchase a collectible in that collection that someone has already created in the Marketplace.

What is a component pack?

On VRYNT, you get to build your own unique collectible. A component pack contains a random assortment of the minimum number of components/items required to Mint your Collectible. Coe of the components are harder to get, and more rare than others! Component Packs are the easiest way to get started building your first Collectible.

 How do I buy a component pack?

Component packs can be purchased on the main collection page for each collection here.

How can I pay for a component pack? 

You can pay for card packs with (Debit/Credit Card) or any supported Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dai, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USD Coin). 

Purchase using (Debit/Credit)

If you don't have enough VRYNT Credits to purchase something on the platform, you will automatically be prompted to select your method of payment.

Can I return my component packs?

Once you purchase your component pack, it cannot be returned, but you can list the pack for sale on the marketplace. If you have opened it, you can also list the individual components on the marketplace.

How do I purchase cryptocurrencies?

There are no cryptocurrencies on VRYNT for purchase. However you may elect to purchase items on VRYNT with Cryptocurrencies. Wallets like Metamask and Torus have mechanisms built in to purchase cryptocurrencies that you can use to buy items on VRYNT, or you can buy them on popular exchanges and transfer them to your wallet.

Can I trade my Collectibles, Components, and Component Packs?

You have the ability to list those items for sale on the Marketplace with common options like Auction and Buy Now. However you cannot "trade" or "swap" them with other members on the platform.

Is the VRYNT Credit a cryptocurrency?

No, the VRYNT credit is native to the platform and is not a cryptocurrency. The VRYNT Token is a separate item and is a cryptocurrency on AVAX, which is used for user to redeem their VRYNT proceeds. Please note you must complete the KYC "Know your customer" process for redemption.

What Blockchain is VRYNT on?

VRYNT Collections can be deployed on any EVM compliant blockchain. Currently most of our collections and the VRYNT Token is deployed on the AVAX chain.

Can I buy and sell individual components on the marketplace?  

Yes, to both.  One thing to note is that if you opt to sell individual components, you may run short of the required number of components needed to Build & Mint your Collectible.  You can always purchase a single component or components pack from the marketplace if you end up short of components.  

VRYNT Marketplace

The VRYNT marketplace is home to buying and selling Component Packs, Components, and VRYNT Collectibles. It is divided into three categories, where buyers and sellers can view the components, Component Packs and VRYNT Collectibles for each collection.

My Inventory

When you purchase a component pack and individual components and Collectibles from the VRYNT marketplace, they will be displayed in your dashboard, under "My Inventory".  These items and VRYNTs will remain in your inventory until you choose to use them to mint your next Collectible, transfer them to a new wallet, or opt to sell them on the marketplace.

What is the Floor Price?

The floor price is the lowest current price for a collection. It is the minimum price someone is willing to sell their Collectible on the platform.

Are Digital Collectibles NFT's?

They are! It is the technology we use to make sure you can own and safely store your Collectible. It stands for "Non-Fungible Tokens". The technology allows you to create, own, and transfer digital creations that cannot be copied, as the ownership is recorded on the blockchain. Digital Collectibles can range from art, music, game assets, membership access cards, Identification, and more.

I sold something; now what?

When you sell your Collectible, your account will be updated with the corresponding VRYNT proceeds (VPs). To redeem your proceeds for VRYNT tokens, you will need to complete KYC.

Can I use an unlimited amount of components to build my Collectible?

Each collection sets the number of components that can be used to Build your Collectible. You can use no more and no less than the number of required features. 

Can I change different components in my Collectible?

Yes, you can swap out the required number of components up until you Mint your Collectible. Once you Mint your Collectible, it cannot be changed. Different components can be purchased in the marketplace.

The Collection sold out. Can I still buy it?

During the Launch stage, you can purchase component packs, build and Mint a Collectible in the Collection. Once it is sold out, you can buy Minted Collectibles that others have created, but you will be unable to modify them. You can also buy the minimum number of required individual components in the marketplace to Build your own Collectible if the packs are all sold out. There also may be unopened Packs available in the marketplace as well!

When are new Collections available?

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What is a wallet address?

A wallet address is like your home address. It is the address you provide to receive items or cryptocurrency funds to your crypto wallet.  The address consists of a long set of numbers and letters that identify your wallet.

My Wallet is not connecting to VRYNT.

Make sure you are using Metamask or Torus and select the AVAX network. To configure AVAX with your Metamask wallet, click here.

Why do I have to make two transactions sometimes using MetaMask or Torus?

MetaMask and Torus will ask you to approve the VRYNT platform to interact with your wallet. Afterwards, you will then be able to confirm the transaction.  This transfers the Collectible to the Marketplace for listings or back to your wallet.

How to create an Account?

To create an account, click Login. VRYNT uses a digital walletas your identification. You can choose to use your own wallet like Metamask, or sign in with one of your existing social or email identitys, and a wallet will be automatically created for you. 

I didn't receive my Verification Code?

If you have not received a verification code when trying to log into the site, please check your Spam folder.