Influencers/ Celebrities / Brands

VRYNT is the perfect platform for Influencers, Celebrities and Brands to engage with their communities. Utilizing the power digital collectibles, individuals and companies can create collections on the VRYNT platform with no development or blockchain experience required.

What makes the VRYNT platform special is that, for the first time, communities get to be a part of the creator's vision while participating in the success of the collection.

How is this accomplished?

VRYNT works with the social creator on selecting images, text, and traits that will be featured in the collectibles that will be created in the collection. Collectors then have a chance to purchase component packs that contain these items to use in the Collectible Builder.

The fans use the builder to create a unique digital Collectible. The collectibles can then be used to build an active community of participation, through assigning benefits to the specific Collectibles. In this way fans are encouraged to actively participate and interact with the influencer, celebrity or brand.

Collection owners receive a portion of the revenue when component packs, components, and NFTs are sold. In addition, users that opt to list their Collectibles, Packs or Components in the marketplace earn credits that can be used to purchase additional items on the VRYNT platform.  

To get started, contact for more information on creating your first Digital Collectible project.