Components and Packs

What are Components?

Components in the VRYNT ecosystem are used to build unique VRYNTs (digital collectibles) within collections.

Collections will have a minimum number of these components that you must have to build and mint a Collectible in that collection. The collection creator determines these components when designing the collection. Some examples of components are; items, hats, backgrounds, masks, expressions, body armour, etc.

These components can be purchased individually on the marketplace and through "component packs". Component Packs are sold on this initial sale of the Collection. There is one Component Pack available for each Collectible in the collection. You don't have to use all your components in one Collectible. Multiple packs can be purchased so you have a wider selection of components to choose from enabling the ultimate in your creativity!

Users can view their purchased components under "My Inventory". Components are collection-specific and cannot be used across collections.

When a component is used to MINT an Collectible, it cannot be used again. These used components are removed from your dashboard. Also if there are left over components after the last Collectible is Minted, all remaining components will no longer be available.

What are Component Packs?

Users can purchase a pack of components from their preferred social creator's collection. These card packs, like Pokemon or other collectibles, vary in scarcity or availability.

Component Packs are filled randomly with components that the community will use to create a VRYNT (Collectible). The creator sets the pricing strategy for component packs. Collections may have a consistent price for all component packs, or the packs may increase in price as each one sells.

Analogy: Component Packs are like baseball card packs. You don't know what you will get when you buy it. Sometimes you will get a rare rookie card along with a few commons. Other times you might be lucky and score a legendary or rare. It's part of the fun!

Click on discover and open the current collection to start your first purchase.  Click on the Buy Pack Link, and you're one step closer to building your first VRYNT Collectible.