Collectible Builder

What is the VRYNT Builder?

The VRYNT Builder is where the magic happens.  In VRYNT, you get to build your own unique collectible using components created by the owner of the Collection. You get to create something along with your influencer, celebrity or brand where you contribute to the success and creativity of the collection!

You can either use the components that you own after purchasing a component pack, or you can choose to buy individual components in the marketplace.  Once you have the required number of components, you can start to build your personalized collectible.   

How to Get Started

To build your NFT you must own the minimum number of components required to build an Collectible in that collection. You can purchase components individually, or in component packs. Component packs purchased will always contain the minimum number of components.

Once you have the minimum number of components, you can enter the builder interface.  To do this follow the steps below. 

1. Click on "Explore" at the top of any page on and select "My Inventory."  

2. Next click on the name of any components in your inventory.

3. You are now on the description page of your component. On the right-hand side of the page is a "Create NFT" button. Click this to enter the Builder.

4. Once you are inside the builder you can drag and drop the components you have purchased into the VRYNT Artboard.

5. You can use the builder to change the size of components and rotate them to your liking. In some collections, components will have dedicated slots to snap components into place.The VRYNT Builder has a preview pane that allows you to view how your new creation will look, prior to Minting it.

You can exit at any point, and your work will be saved as a draft.  This feature is handy if you would like to explore the marketplace to pick up one more component to create your masterpiece and avoid starting over from scratch, or if you want to hold off and get a couple of opinions before Minting your Collectible.

6. Once you have added the minimum number of components to the VRYNT Artboard, the button on the right-hand side will change from "minting requirements" to "MINT NFT."  Clicking on it will bring you to a confirmation page.

7. Once you are ready Before you Mint your Collectible, you will have one final chance to review your changes. Once you Mint, you can't change.

8. When you have built your vision within the Builder, check the acknowledgement box and then click on "Mint NFT."  You have now successfully Created and Minted your first Collectible! 

You can now begin exploring the rest of the VRYNT platform from buying and selling components and Collectibles to following us on Twitter and joining our communities.

 Clicking "MINT NFT" will bind your components to the Collectible, and this action cannot be undone. You will not be able to change the components later or use them again as they will be removed from your account.